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"You must know that of all the horses in the world, of the nation soever they be,Spanish Horses are the wisest and strangely wise, beyond any Man's imagination."
Duke of Newcastle, 17th Century

2004 PRE Andalusian Gelding 

Vinny PSG.jpg

Ventoso is an engaging, charismatic young horse.  “Vinnie” boasts world-class paces in a compact, correct build.   Even at his young age, it’s clear that Vinnie is an ideal candidate for the high performance dressage arena.   His active and powerful hindleg, combined with unparalleled freedom of the shoulder, produces exceptional extensions. He performs his piaffe and passage with joyful enthusiasm.  Vinnie has been with Jonna since he was four months old.  He is showing Intermediare I in 2015 while preparing for his Grand Prix debut.

2001 Andalusian Gelding


Renaldo has matured into a noble Schoolmaster.  He represents an ideal balance of being a striking, brave partner undersaddle, while still being quiet tempered, sensible, and affectionate. Renaldo’s conformation lends itself to modern paces; straight, elastic, and forward.  Renaldo has been trained though the FEI Grand Prix and has been shown at Prix St. George by owner and rider, Jonna Lorenz.