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Do you love Horses?
Always Dreamed of  learning to Ride?
Looking for a Barn
with Happy horses
& Supportive people
… this is the place for you!

Jonna riding her Andalusian stallion Renaldo

Training Stable

First Light Dressage training is located at a private facility in a peaceful hidden valley in Scotts Valley, Califorina.  We are always glad to make space available for a new student who would like to join us.


Horse Boarding 
Your horse will receive truly full service care.  This kind of quality-individualized attention cannot be found in large public boarding stables. Your horse will excel in the comfortable setting combined with conscientious handling.


Lessons, & Clinics
In addition to training at the Scotts Valley location, Lessons are available at your current boarding stable in the Santa Cruz area. Regular dressage clinics are also held in the Modesto area.  Clinics are fun, motivating, and truly educational .

Don't have your own horse? 
There are opportunities for people who would like to start riding and don't have a horse. Give me a call and I can tell you about the horses available for lessons for beginners as well as Upper Level students.